Never Doing What I Should

IMG_3864 I have four patterns I am at some stage of working on at this point.  Am I working on any of those?  No.  I’m working on a new pattern.  For a quilt I’m going to be making shortly.  This one is easy for me though, it’s all diagrams in Illustrator.  For some reason when I do patterns this way it goes much faster.  I think the idea of having to do all the step-by-step photos for my patterns, having them turn out well, and then going back and doing the directions for them, makes me a procrastinator.  Honestly, I don’t know why.  I enjoy writing them once I start. 

IMG_6088 It was a long day with no crafting involved.  It’s always a hard day when I don’t get crafting in.  And when I’m not feeling 100%, it’s always hard to get to the machine.  Sort of a “catch 22”.  So tonight I will craft on my computer.  (That’s the dog toy he’s laying with.)

IMG_3123 So something I’ve thought of doing for years, and seriously thought of doing since I’ve gotten an Etsy shop, is to sell my photographs.  Before blogging I use to do landscape photography.  And I was pretty decent at it if I do say so myself.  My husband has been a huge encouragement since we met, but even before then I had sold some of my prints.  I still go see them at the office where they hang, and I cringe, thinking I could do such better edits now.  Back then I didn’t edit photos, it was mostly SOOC (straight out of camera)…and really, I still do a lot of that on my Flickr.  I just generally don’t have the time to edit photos.  If it can’t turn out right the first time, then I can’t be bothered to edit it.  Or something like that. (Local cemetery, June 2009)

IMG_8374 But I keep getting “kicks in the butt” from friends to list my work.  But what do I list?  Just because I like it doesn’t mean others will.  Hmm, this sounds like déjà vu on a conversation I had with a friend recently…who’s shop is doing amazing.  So I should take my own advice and just go for it.  (Grand Canyon – South Rim, September 2007)

IMG_3593 So tonight, I’m going to place an order with a company that I’ve been eyeing for a few years and see what the quality of their prints are.  See how my computer monitor translates to paper.  In the meantime, I would love your help.  Skip on over to my Flickr and take a peek, then come back here and tell me what you like and what you think would make great wall art.  On Monday I’ll choose one of you to win the print of your choice – 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10 – your pick.  If I don’t have that many comments, I’ll just assume that it is still time to hold off on the photos – so give me all of your encouragement.

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