Strawberry Day

IMG_5910 It was another “sick” day.  I did manage to leave the house twice today, but it was hard.  I can’t do this every month…feeling so sick I want to do nothing buy lay around.  But I’ll just have to deal for the moment.  At least I’m losing weight!  Got to see the positive side of things sometimes.  Unfortunately no crafting was done today.  Orders were filled and projects were thought of.  I was able to get some fabric yesterday (but those in the photo aren’t mine) at an incredible sales price, to make myself a new diaper bag.  I realized I have the pattern for that about half finished, so maybe I can finish it up sometime soon for the shop.  But you know how I am about getting those done.  Is it wrong to be a stay-at-home-mom and want a nanny? 

IMG_5948 I did make it to the strawberry fields for about an hour tonight.  It’s the end of the commercial season and my grandpa’s friend let’s friends and family come pick.  So we got some super ripe, super sweet strawberries.  I’m going to make a strawberry pie tomorrow and then the rest will become jam.  Brice loved them.  After I picked one and had him eat it, he was in love.  He kept picking them and eating them.  I had to watch him so he didn’t have too many.  He was a mess!  But it was so precious!  There were so many sweet photos of him tonight, but you’ll have to head over to Flickr to see more.