Sunday Stash Debriefing

IMG_6883It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday Stash, so I thought I’d share some recent acquisitions.  They are taking up space on the table, so it’s time to clear it off and store these away.  But not too far away – I have plans for a lot of it. 

IMG_6865Wouldn’t this Anna Marie Horner print make a great top?  And the apples would be perfect for kitchen items…like say an apron.

IMG_6867Some more pink for the stash.  I have plans for a couple small quilts for the shop.  I had a lot of fun doing the improvised pink quilt a few weeks back, that I bought some pinks recently to make more. 

IMG_6872These cute little fat 8’s would be great for a little mini quilt – I haven’t decided on a mini quilt yet…but it will come to me.  And some more pink…

IMG_6874Adding more Wee Play to the stash.  Another charm pack – I think I should have enough for a quilt by now.  I also got a charm pack of the Christmas fabric I like by Lyndhurst Studio.  I want to do a quilt for myself with it.  I’m thinking I’ll just do a simple quilt, sashing between the squares.  I like the unconventional, retro colors of this Christmas set.

IMG_6877This is fabric for a new diaper bag.  The posies specifically with the Anna Marie print for the interior pockets and such.  And then I thought I might make a bag or two out of the Country Fair cheater print, too.  Eventually.

IMG_6861 And this cute little stack of prints from Andover is going to be a quilt.  I love the western theme, yet bright colors.  Again, simple squares (18” maybe?) with sashing between and a simple quilting along the diagonal…?  At least that’s what I picture in my head at the moment.  So lots to add to the already long list.  I’m working on the color pencil portfolio pattern today…and by working on it I mean doing everything but working on it.  The computer is great at distracting me when I’m procrastinating.  But I have the first page done!  Starting a paper was always the hardest, after that it’s downhill.

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