Survey Says…


IMG_5745Thank you so much for all of your input!  I think these two photos were the most mentioned.  I liked them, too.  I held off on my order so that I could place this all at once, so I’m excited to get ordering and see what comes back to me in the mail. 

IMG_5604 Via the random number generator, the winner is commenter #2 – Cathy!  Cathy said she liked my portraits – but I don’t think she wants a photo of Brice hanging on her walls, so we’ll have to see what she chooses. 

IMG_5413 Of course another unanimous favorite were the photos of my quilts.  I like those, too.  I want to take my quilts on little adventures for photo shoots.  I like staging a photo – sometimes I think that’s the best part. Staging and then seeing how it translated onto “film”.  So after this order to inspect for quality (I think I’m going to order from a couple different places…?) I’ll slowly start to add stuff to the shop.  As with any new adventure, comes fear and trepidation.  Since it’s a craft shop, I’ve leaned more towards selling the craft photography.  I envisioned a spot to buy photos to hang in your crafting spaces.  Now, the next decision is do I use a different Etsy shop for said photography adventure…

IMG_5903 If I seem to be a little absent this week, don’t worry.  I am going to try and get a bunch of stuff crossed off my list.  But you know me, I probably will still put in a word here and there.  But I thought I’d give you a little advanced warning, just in case. 

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