Swell Quilt Dose :: Finished!

IMG_9495Can I just tell you how excited I am to finally be posting something crafty!!  I know I’m suppose to be showing you the last installment of the binding tutorial…but I played with Illustrator this morning instead.  I created some really fun stuff – maybe I can share that tomorrow.

IMG_9514 Quilted in loopdy-loos.  It fits this quilt, I think. 

IMG_9519By the barn.  Cause it just isn’t a quilt photo if it’s not by the awful aluminum barn.  I wish my grandpa would paint that thing red!

IMG_9552 IMG_9554I especially love this last photo of my mom’s shadow through the quilt!  Sorry if the photos are a little “off” in color and exposure.  I’m having to mess with my monitor quite a bit right now and I’m sure it looks nothing like I want it to.  Let me know how they look on your monitors.  This was a commissioned quilt and will be in the gifters hands and off to it’s recipient this week.

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