Trick or Treat Tote + Pattern


I wanted to have a little bag for Brice for Trick or Treating this year, and I knew I wanted to make it myself.  I also knew that I wanted to do something with a pumpkin on linen so I combined the two.  I’m not sure when I decided I wanted to do some embroidery, but I started sketching things out and came up with the above design.  It’s absolutely fitting as Brice LOVES his “meows”.


I stared with the cat and added the pumpkin, but kept thinking it needed something else.  Hence the tree.  But it was no easy matter trying to draw a tree that said “fall” but was still fun and cartoonish like the cat and pumpkin.  With my moms advice I finally decided on the tree in the design.


I found the dots at Joann’s along with the lining fabric some months back.  I had thoughts of making them into a trick or treat bag for Brice, but this wasn’t what I was originally thinking, but that’s just fine by me.


I have had the idea of doing a pumpkin appliqué on a bag since my apple bags.  I made it up as I went along, using the sketch from my embroidery for my pattern.  As an after thought I decided to embroider on the pumpkin, but knew embroidery for the vine was a perfect choice all along.


He loves this little bag.  He gave it a kiss and a hug and happily caries it around on his arm.  It’s just the perfect size for treats and will serve us for many years.  Not into Trick or Treating?  I think it’s the perfect size for a little library tote, too.  Now it’s time to go make one for yourself.  The free pattern includes instructions for making the bag as well as the embroidery design and pumpkin appliqué template.

Pattern Edit 5/24/2015 – The pattern does not state the lining dimensions to cut.  You can either cut two pieces the same size at the exterior (9.5″ x 11.5″), OR cut one long piece that is 9.5″ x 23″ and sew up the sides. Be sure to leave an opening in the side as it states in the directions for flipping right side out after sewing the interior and exterior together.

—> Treat or Treat Tote Pattern (PDF) <—

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