Patchwork Pillow Covers

IMG_4576 I had some extra pieces sitting around from when I was originally figuring out some of the blocks for the quilt-along.  I decided they would make great little pillow covers.  I listed this one in the shop.

IMG_4587 This one I love.  I did have plans of listing it in the shop, but when I was thinking of a quilting design for it I drew on the fabric with a water soluble marker.  I changed my mind on the quilting, but the ink decided it wanted to stay on the red flower print. 

IMG_4589 And, not only that, but the red bled all over when I was spritzing it out and trying to iron it dry.  Lovely.  So now this one will live with me.

IMG_4584 I did remember to put my stamped tags in there.  I love this twill tape.  I bought it from Amber some time back, and it’s still my favorite.

Oh!  Totally off topic, but I finally put a button to the “how-to” photography posts from a few months ago on my side bar.  It’s the one that has a camera and says “Photography 101”.  The link will take you to a page with a link to each of the posts.  I like being able to find stuff quickly, don’t you?

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