Hoop Travel Bag


I posted photos to Flickr a few days back, but hadn’t gotten a chance to blog about this yet.  I made a hoop travel bag using the pattern I bought from Amanda and Ashley’s shop, The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  It went together super fast! 


Seriously the hardest part was figuring out which fabrics to use.  I finally settled on this fabric I’ve been holding on to for a few years now.  I got these adorable kitties at Joann’s, designed by one of their in-house designers.  It is one of the better feeling fabrics I’ve encountered there and wish I would have bought more than a yard. 


I picked up the flower fabric, funny enough, when stopping for a quick visit with Amanda this summer.  The two fabrics worked well together.  In interior fabric was some Erin McMorris and was decided upon by chance.  I had Jeni pick a number while Skyping one night, and that was my final choice for a lining.  I’m glad the colors at least work somewhat well.  It was just getting ridiculous how long it took me to pick fabrics.   And the zipper was a perfect match to the lining – bonus! 


This bag has been great for holding my current project and keeping it safe.  I really love it and have plans to make more for friends! 

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