A New Look + 3 New Patterns


The new website is {mostly} live now!  I still have to finish up all the quilting links (none of those work at this point) but other than that, I think it’s ready to go!  (I even have a new About page!)  I love the new, clean look of it, and how it feels more cohesive than before.  I was never totally happy with the last site I built, but I am 100% thrilled with this one!  My favorite part is the new patterns page!  I am now offering my patterns for sale with direct download after purchase.  I love having this option myself when buying patterns, so I’m so happy to have found a great way to offer this to everyone.  In honor of this, I have 3 new patterns for sale! 
Amanda’s Knitting Bag Log Cabin Needle Book Ukulele Mini Quilt
I’m just going to give you a brief look here and will let you check them out more fully on the new website (clicking the pictures will take you to their page).  Clicking on the thumbnails within the pattern listing pages brings up full-size images for viewing.  I have not included all of my patterns, as those not listed will either be retired or revamped and later relisted.  Also, at this point, these new patterns will not be sold in my Etsy shop.  Possibly down the road, but having you be able to directly download the pattern is so much easier and instantly gratifying!  I will be offering my Other Bag pattern that was in the Spring 2011 issue of Quilts and More soon, and I hope a few quilt patterns as well.  I think in my next post I will talk a little bit more about each pattern, as I have a few photos from testers I’d like to share!  For now, it’s back to work for me, finishing the rest of the website! 

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