The Knitting Bag – A Closer Look


I have been patiently waiting for Three Kitchen Fairies blog-aversary to tell you a little more about Amanda’s Knitting Bag so I would have a reason to link to her awesome giveaway (one of the prizes is a copy of the pattern).  The idea for this bag originally came about because of my friend Amanda’s birthday.  I wanted to make her something and I had this great stitching of the Octo-bunny from Badbird’s website and had to think of a way to incorporate it. 


Obviously my first thought was to put it on a bag front.  But I know Amanda has a lot of bags she’s made herself, so I didn’t want it to be just another bag.  I wanted it to be functional.  She knits and I thought wouldn’t it be great to give her a project bag to carry current projects in?!  So that’s how this project came about.


I wanted to make sure there were lots of pockets for all the different needles you might need on a project, because for those of you that knit you know that sometimes you need a few sets of DPNs or circulars and the such.  I also wanted there to be a little pocket to hold some small scissors, cable needles and place markers.  Bringing that all together got me to this bag.  I love it.  I’ve made another version myself, but I still need to take some photos, so I’ll add those to Flickr soon.  In the mean time, here are some bags that testers made!  Click on the photo to go to their post about their bags.

This first one is Amanda’s:

New Bag
And, this second one is Megan’s (she cleverly put pockets on both sides):
Three Kitchen Fairies was also a tester for me, but I don’t have a final image to show you…so hopefully she will post photos to her website soon.  (Although I did see pictures of her final bag I should say, and it was very cute!) 
For those of you that are more comfortable with Etsy, I will be listing the patterns on Etsy later today (maybe tomorrow) in my shop.  You will just have to wait for me to email them to you.  But of course you can always purchase them through my website (paying via PayPal)  and download them yourself once payment is confirmed (which is usually just seconds later). 
The pattern itself is a departure from my old style.  Instead of lots of photos, it’s easy to understand, broken down instructions with drawings and graphical explanations.  I reformatted the whole look of the pattern and it’s more like the usual patterns you pick up in your local quilt shops.  Everything is broken down into sections, and each part of the process is broken down into small steps.  I find it easy to get lost in a long step and like to keep things short and to the point.  Thank you to everyone that has bought a pattern so far, your support means a lot and helps to keep me creating!

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