Quilting Photos


I had to snap a few photos of the quilting on this quilt the other day (it’s my Vintage Memories Quilt pattern with Katie Jump Rope fabric) and realized I never shared the final quilting on this.  I went with bubbles and really like the effect with the fabric line.  I don’t quilt this pattern often, as it’s a little time intensive and difficult to maintain those perfect circles, but I sure like the effect when I do! 


I got an iPhone a few weeks back when my cell phone went kaput. I’d had the money sitting in savings since after Christmas just waiting for Verizon to get the phone, and then waiting for the new version to come out, but I got tired of waiting and apparently my old phone decided 2 years was long enough. So thanks to that, I now don’t seem to pick up my real camera for photos anymore. I need to stop doing that, but the phone is just so convenient! Anyways, the point of all of that is to let you know I’m on Instagram and share quite a few photos every day, some of family and pets, some of crafting and some of food. I love seeing what everyone is up to on there, so stop by and say “hi” so I can add you to my list! I’m SometimesCraftr (just like my Twitter and Pinterest).


I am working on revamping a pattern for the holiday season and will of course be busy with that, but I miss my little blog and have some plans to revamp it as well.  It’s time for some new buttons and a little cleaning up.  Also, I wanted to mention if you need a quilt quilted, now is a good time as my bin is empty, so there is quick turn around.  Once the holiday season hits, it takes a little longer and that is almost upon us.  Well, almost upon us if you consider September the holiday season like I do.  I hope everyone is having a terrific summer so far…I’m still waiting for ours to arrive. 

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