Washi Tape Ideas

I had a few questions about what you do with Washi tape.  It’s one of those things where you say: What can’t you do with Washi tape?!  Really, let your imagination run wild here.  Or, if your like me, and your brain is running at full capacity and you can’t think that hard right now, Pinterest and Flickr are always great spots to start getting ideas.  But, I thought I’d share a few things I do with my Washi tape to get you started. 


The way I most use my Washi tape is when I’m journaling.  I love the added element it gives to my photos, without me having to be a full-blown scrapbooker.  I love the look for scrapbooking, but know that if I have the mind set of doing something that intricate, it wont happen.  I have always been minimal in my scrapbooking (just a few scraps of paper taped down and some words maybe) and Washi tape the perfect for my “minimal” style.


Something I did recently was to add Washi tape to my iPad Bluetooth keyboard I use in my sewing room.  I originally saw the idea on Pinterest and fell in love.  So little by little, while procrastinating another project, I started to add tape.  Of course then I went a little nuts and added it to my sewing machine, too.  But I’ll save that for another post (I forgot to take a picture).


Other things you could do is make a card, cover a jewelry sized gift box, use it on tags…


Of course there are whole books on the topic by the Japanese.  You can sometimes find some on Etsy.  If you are lucky enough to have a Kinokuniya near you, you can find them there as well, or they are happy to order what you need.  (From left to right, ISBN 978-4-05-404387-9, 978-4-416-30939-1)


Tomorrow I am going to have a post about what pens I like to use for my journaling, doodling and day-to-day writing.  I mentioned that I love Jet Pens for my pen needs, so I’ll be sure to include links for everything.

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