Halloween Cross Stitch // Progress

I thought I’d share a little of my progress on my cross stitch project I blogged about yesterday.  I am actually a little further than this now, but haven’t taken a photo in the last few weeks.  As it got closer to Sewing Summit I wasn’t working on it as much, but am looking forward to getting back to it now. 


I decided I needed a little zippy pouch to hold my embroidery scissors, needles and the extra skein of black and purple thread I had.  I got the idea to sew up this little pouch after seeing Kerry and Penny’s little pouches they sewed up with their latest paper piece pattern.  The pouch is from a great photo tutorial by A Spoonful of Sugar.  I wanted simple linen and sewed on a strip of red gingham ribbon.  That was too plain.  So I dug through my supply drawer and found this cute little reindeer stamp.  I stamped a few of those little guys on there and called it good.  I was in a hurry, so I think it’s pretty cute for a rush job.  And it works so well for holding just a few things.  Perfect for this project!  Of course all of this is toted around in my Tardis zipper pouch Amanda made me.  I seem to not have taken a photo of that yet!  So that’s why this little zippy is even more perfect.  It fits inside the hoop pouch without trouble and keeps the point of the scissors away from the linen.
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Cross Stitch Pattern: Halloween Quilt Sampler by Rosewood Manor at The Cottage Needle
Owl Embroidery Scissors at The Workroom
Zipper Pouch Tutorial: How to Make a Pencil Case at A Spoonful of Sugar
Deer Stamp by Savvy Stamps | 978D Petite Reindeer (purchased several years ago)

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