Halloween Cross Stitch Project


I don’t know what initially got me searching last month, but I ran across this super cute cross stitch, Halloween Quilt Sampler by Rosewood Manor and knew I had to have it.  Even if I wasn’t a quilter, I’d still have to stitch this up.  I just love sampler’s and having small tasks to complete to feel as if I’ve accomplished something.  I have been working this cross stitch one “block “at a time and it’s so enjoyable.


I ordered my pattern from The Cottage Needle on Etsy and went ahead and got the recommended Weeks Dye Works floss.  I love Weeks Dye Works.  It was worth the extra money; the colors are just so rich!  I’m also working it on the recommended 32 count linen.  Yes it’s tiny, but my eyes still function very well up close…seeing across the room is another matter all together.  The Cottage Needle has a ton of really cute Halloween stitchery that I want to work on after I finish this.


Of course Newman had to “help”.  He always has to help.  He thinks right in the middle of things is the best spot in the house to be.  He’s way more “helpful” than any other cat I’ve had.  As soon as I lay something out, he comes running from where ever he has been sleeping and gets right into the thick of it.  Then he usually decides it’d be a fantastic spot to nap. 

IMG_5992 IMG_5991

He does look pretty comfy.


I’m not sure how most of you manage your floss, but I love these floss cards and box.  When I’m working with a color I take it out of the box and put it on one of those big ‘O’ rings you get with package of cards.  I like to use the inexpensive DMC floss winder, too.  I’m kind of anal about organization and things looking nice, so I take my time when I wind my floss.  I have each strand line up with the next.  It honestly doesn’t take that much longer to do than just winding it on there as it will go.  But by doing it this way I can fit way more cards in a section inside the box.  I also like to slip in the tag from my floss, weather it’s the DMC one or these cardstock tags from the Weeks floss.  I just trimmed down the Weeks Dye Works identification cards and stuck it on the floss card with some mono adhesive and then wound around it.  That way when I run out I know exactly what to get again.  The second photo here shows how I hold the floss as I’m turning the crank on the winder.  I just give it a little tension and it helps it wind on there pretty easily.  It goes quick.


I also untwist the skein of floss and then loop it over my hand onto my arm.  This helps it from getting tangled as I go.  It works well for me.  I thought I’d share my process, because I always like to know how others do something to see if maybe I can save myself a little time or frustration.  Long ago I managed my floss a different way.  I learned to cross stitch when I was 8 (or maybe younger) and really enjoyed it.  At the time I was taught to put them on the cardboard cards you can buy with the holes punch out of them.  You thread your floss through the hole and loop it back around on itself and then there is a spot to write the DMC number down (I’m assuming they were probably DMC cards) and some of them had magnets on the end so you could place your needle there.  They made these soft plastic cases with ring binders in them and you’d clip them into that and have all these cards of floss.  That actually worked really well (and I still have them!), but now I embroider more than cross stitch, so it’s less important to know the color and more important to pick what looks the best.  Added bonus: I can’t help but smile when I open my box of floss.

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