Hand Drawn Kitty Mug


As usual, Christmas has been done frugally around here.  I’m always trying to think of useful, thoughtful gifts to give to everyone.  Each year I say I’m only going to get for the kids, and each year I just can’t seem to do that.  I’m never sure exactly how I stretch our non-existent Christmas dollars, but I somehow always manage.  This year I loved the idea of using a Sharpie on plain white dishes to create unique pieces.  Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of everything I made (which is no different from every Christmas), but I did manage to snag this mug back from my mom for a few photos.  I got the idea for this kitty from this can of Belgian White Beer.  I added a tail and did some different fillings, but went with the same general idea for the face.  I followed the directions of many tutorials, and wrote on the mug with a Sharpie and then baked it in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes.


I added this little kitty head and whiskers on the top of the handle.  I figure this will show me how well the Sharpie will actually stay on since a thumb will frequently rest here and give it lots of wear.  I also made a little sauce dish (like this) into a jewelry holder for my sister-in-law.  I drew little diamond studs on one side and a diamond ring on the other.  They were just simple doodles, but it turned out so cute!  I also made my aunt a little dish for holding safety pins (she’s a quilter and quilts her own quilts on her domestic machine).  I drew safety pins both opened and closed as well as straight pins with ball heads on them in the bottom of a small, shallow dish.  I got all of the plain white dishes at Target for just a few dollars.  I even bought a small square plate and decorated it with a winter woodland scene for us.   I’m waiting to see how this mug washes up, but assuming it all turns out well, I will be making more items like this to gift in the future.

Update (4/14/2014): The marker washed off my mug and the cute little woodland plate I made.  Back to the drawing board.

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  • I think you do Christmas right. I see so many people loading up their children with plastic junk and feeding the whole moremoremore society. To me Christmas is about family time and giving. I don’t mean giving in the sense of buying as much junk as you can, I mean giving of your time and talents. What better gift can we give, or lesson can we teach our children?

    • Yes I agree. It’s always hard at Christmas, I think I need to have all these presents for my son to open, but I have to remind myself not to get trapped in that rut. I just love seeing him open all of his gifts, but I don’t want him to come to expect that. I know that family members will be gifting to me so I feel the need to reciprocate accordingly, which means money we don’t have, but I think this years handmade gifts were appreciated. I always put a lot of thought into what I give someone. I like it to be useful and not just another piece of junk to add to their house.

  • I love the mug it’s so cute and I never would have guessed it was done with a Sharpie!! I am sure all of your handmade gifts were so appreciated.

    • Really?! It looked hand drawn to me, but I thought it added some charm to it. ;) It was really hard to keep the lines straight while drawing. I didn’t expect that all. I am thinking i’ll make myself a kitty mug and maybe another fox mug…