Define: Barn

Define: Barn.

I typed that into Google this morning.  I love the “define:” function of Google.  One of the best things ever invented.  I can’t spell, so I use it a lot to make sure i’m using the proper word when spell check says I got it wrong and wants to replace it.  Too many times i’ve wanted to use ‘definitely’ and it’s replaced it with ‘defiantly’.  Two very different words.  Sometimes I use a word in a sentence that i’ve used many times when talking, and then think to myself – is that the proper usage of the word?  ‘Define:’ to the rescue again.

Photo by Bryan Pocius, via Flickr

Getting back to my point of this whole post…  When I think of barns, I think of a big red building with a huge hay loft and lots of livestock inside.  I think of a stereotypical barn, in other words.  I bounce back and forth between calling our building out back a shed, sheep barn, sheep shed, barn, outbuilding, ag-building, but everytime I say barn I feel a bit like a fraud.  It’s not really very big.  It’s probably more like a large shed in it’s size, but it does have a hay loft, and livestock sleep and eat inside of it.

Google defines ‘barn’ as a “large building used for storing grain, hay or straw or for housing livestock”.  Wikipedia says it’s an “agricultural building primarily located on farms and used for many purposes, notably for the housing of livestock and storage of crops.”  We have livestock, and it’s their housing; we store grain, hay and straw in there – so I think it’s safe to say we have a barn.


A small barn, but a barn nonetheless.

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