Filling My Plate Up


As if I needed one more thing on my already full plate.  I am joining the ranks of homeschooling moms this year.  There are many reasons why, and perhaps i’ll talk about them sometime if you are interested in hearing the lengthy discussion.  I’m excited about homeschooling and the possibilities for what we can learn and how we will learn it.  I like that I get to be such a big part of Brices learning, and that I get to learn even more right along with him.  We can do art as many times a week as we want!

It’s going to be a fun adventure.  Famous last words.

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  • I’ll be homeschooling for the first time this year, too! So excited! And I’m in nursing school, so I definitely share your fear of the too-full plate! But we can do it!

    • That will be one full plate for you! I remember when my mom was going to nursing school, we literally didn’t see her for two years! Good luck with both ventures!

  • I applaud all of you on this endeavor.
    I live in Northern Va. There are a lot of great home school networks. I know you will succeed.
    Public school is worthless. My daughters attended 12 years of it.
    I know the result of my girls’ success was because hubbs and I were fully engaged and committed. They are both genius’s and highly successful adults now. Still, there were so many negatives with public school we had to …. deal with.
    I know homeschooling will be a positive experience and certainly an excellent move!

    • I have yet to find a homeschool group, but i’m sure i’ll find something as we go along. There are a few here, but they are religious based, and rather deeply from what i’ve read, so that wont work for us. We actually have great public schools here, and our elementary has actually been top 5% in the state for the last two years, but it’s Common Core curriculum, no matter how great the school rates, and that is our primary reason for not attending public school. Living in a rural community, and such a small school district, I feel like he would have a really good peer influence, but there are always a few negatives in the bunch, and I have to say i’m looking forward to keeping my son ‘innocent’ a little longer. :)

  • Oh, the science lessons with sheep so handy! I wish you the best of luck, patience and joy with the process. I’m a teacher myself so I know it can be a lot of work but you get the benefit of one-on-one instruction for a great percentage of the time and being able to instantly adjust to fit your kids. Also, no one can begrudge you a date night with the husband if you call it a Parent-Teacher conference. :-)

    • I was thinking the same thing about the science lessons! Or even studying woodland plants and then walking through our woods to find specimens, and then there will be plant starts in the spring for gardening (he loves to help me in the garden). The possibilities are really endless for us, and that is something I really love about it. I went to school to be a scientist, and that desire to research and learn and find out what you can is ingrained in my everyday, so this will be fun.

  • Personally I would love to hear your thoughts/reasons for switching to home school & how it goes. My little one just started kindergarten & while I am pleases with his progress & teacher, there are attitude issues that concern me. Can’t wait to hear more…love you blog! Thanks for sharing!

    • It will probably end up being a rather lengthy post! I’ll post something soon about the why and then maybe do a few updates along the way this year. I have really appreciated all of the homeschooling blogs out there while we were making this decision.

  • I hope you find a great group. Our secular group (now an open learning group) has been so great. It really helped me feel more comfortable with my role as teacher. And I love seeing the variety of learning styles. Plus our group is very diverse which I love.