Birchen – Fabrics Used


Remember when I said in my post the other day that I had lost an hours worth of work, and that I would realize later that I had forgotten something?  I didn’t lie.  I forgot that I wanted to share with you the fabrics I used and where.  I pretty much followed the pattern as far as assembly goes, except instead of reversing the second set of half square triangle (HST) blocks, I did them the same.  What I mean by that is in the original pattern the blue-green set of HST blocks are assembled with the darker fabric as the flying geese (the big triangles in the center), whereas the first set you assemble shows the lighter colored fabric being in the position of the flying geese.  I hope that makes sense!  Instead of reversing my fabrics for the second set of HSTs, I went ahead and kept the background dot fabric in the same place and just used a darker fabric in place of the lighter blue for the other blocks.  When I mocked this up I didn’t like the feel of the final quilt with the navy triangles in reverse position to the aqua triangles in the other blocks.  If I had followed the pattern exactly, the navy fabric would be where the dot fabric is in the photo above.


Here is the mock-up with the navy in position as the pattern calls for (only the pattern used the medium tone blue-green fabric).  It is amazing how just that little change had completely changed the look of the quilt for me.  The image below is the mockup of how I made the quilt.


You’ll see I repeated the use of the dots in most of the blocks.  I liked how much lighter it made the quilt top feel (you should be able to click on the image to make it bigger).  This time of year, living in the Pacific NW, it can be pretty grey and the last thing I want to do is use dark fabrics.  So when choosing fabrics for this top I was trying to keep it light.  I fell in love with Bonnie’s fabric line (Hello, Bear), so I knew I wanted to use that.  Even though a lot of the fabrics are grey, it still feels very “light” to me.  I hope this diagram helps you out if you’re looking to recreate this look with the same or similar fabrics!  I’m almost done quilting it, so those photos will be posted soon, but you can see sneak peeks of it on my Instagram feed.

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