Attempts at crafts

Well, last night found me working on the wipes/diaper pouch…but there is a small flaw in the directions I was following and I couldn’t quite get it stiched up. I got funny puckers at the side. Usually I can goof my way through something like that, but i’m a little stumped right now…so I have to think on it.

Then I moved onto sewing the baby sling for a friend…well, that didn’t turn out how I like it. So i’ll be buying her the sling she registered for. :) Now I just have to figure out what to do with the 2 yards of that fabric! Actually, I think i’m going to make this apron with it. Here’s the failed attempt at the baby sling… Since the apron pattern is for a reversible apron, these two fabrics will be great to use. For the solid part of the apron i’ll use a chocolate brown. I think it will compliment both sides nicely.

And finally, here is a glims at my latest project. I’ll be doing a disappearing 9-patch with this fabric by Moda. It’s their “Swell” collection by Urban Chicks. Yes…one more “project” on the pile. Why I start new projects when I have drawers full of started ones is beyond me!

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