Finshed! :: Lemonade Quilt

Someone come be sick for me…oh, and watch over my poor, poor baby who has a cold, too. I have too much crafting to do. And could you please go to the funeral for me on Thursday? Thanks, that’d be great. I just remembered one of my sewing projects. And it’s a must do. And it’s something I have to design myself. So that always adds a little time. *Sigh* Crabby, sick baby has kept me up the last two nights. I really need to sleep tonight. But there is so much to do!
Here is another quilt finished. This one is a gift, so just in case this family member reads this blog, you just get peaks at color and quilting. I did my all over loop pattern. I’ve never done it this concentrated before, and I REALLY like it.

After the beginning of the year i’m going to offer my quilting services. It will just be for four of my basic designs. Since I freehand everything on the longarm, I want to make sure i’m very comfortable with what i’m doing for other people. As I get more comfortable with designs, i’ll add them to the options. So far it will be this (loops), stippling (or meander), stars and daisy chains (haven’t uploaded this picture yet). I think i’m going to also offer binding services. But, that’s for the new year.

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