Weekend Sewing with Friends :: Sampler Quilt

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but my girlfriends and I decided to do a block of the month sampler quilt.  They wanted an excuse to get together (aka without kids…well, except Brice) and have girl-time once again.  All of us together like the old days.  So, I designed a sampler quilt.  I was told not to do “old” blocks.  They wanted them young and fun.  “Well, nothing is really, truly “new” these days…” I explained “It’s about the fabric selection you make that will make a block fun and modern.”  So off I went to Flickr to get inspiration for a sampler quilt, made with fun fabrics to get them excited.  Here’s what I came up with (click picture to follow link for more info on each photo):


So each month we will make a new block and learn new things.  I’ll be “designing” and “instructing” and learning new stuff myself.  My mom is a long time sewer, and Liz has been sewing for over a year now and is doing great.  Sarah has been at it about a year and took to it like a fish to water…but this is her first experience with quilting and it’s really great to share all that I know with her.  Tips, tricks, etc.  She’s really great at going off and doing her own thing with the basics, so this will lead to wonderful quilts created by her. 


Our first block was a relatively easy one, but looks complicated to the beginner.  A common comment made by my mom is how complicated a quilt looks.  But once I stop and show her how each block is just a series of squares and triangles (sometimes rectangles) then she sees how simple it really is.  And that is just the case with the Zigzag block.  If you look in the top corner of this block by Sarah (made with Anna Marie Horner’s Good Folks line) you see that it’s a square sewn on the diagonal with two different fabrics.  When paired with another fabric like it self (to the right and below), you begin to see a zigzag in the fabric.  Magical, isn’t it?! 


The next part to creating this block was choosing fabrics that contrasted with each other – such as Liz’s block made with Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain line.  Another great example of this is the block in my mosaic above by Nettie.  Originally Sarah chose fabrics for her block that were blues in greens in subtle contrast with each other, this was nice, but I really liked the deeper contrasts of the fabrics she ended with.


Here is my mom’s block using the Post fabric line by Sentimental Studio (can’t find the link).  A little more subtle, but still wonderful with the orange contrast in the center.  So with this block we began a introduction to some basics in sewing quilt blocks and they walked away with the knowledge to go create a whole zigzag quilt.


I didn’t get my block sewn together last night, but here’s the idea.  Finally using my coveted Denyse Schmidt fabrics.  Interested in making this quilt with us, you say?  Well, come back tomorrow for a basic tutorial on making this block as well as some tips and tricks and maybe a link or two.  And return each month for the next block.  In the mean time, go take a look at Sarah’s Flickr and see the pictures we took last night.  Her camera lenses are infinitely superior to mine and took amazing pictures in the late night light.  I can’t wait to buy a faster lens!  Maybe you’d like to buy some of the vintage buttons I listed in my Etsy shop to help me with that goal?? 

*Phew* That was a lot of “talking” for me and my blog!  I hope you wont hold it against me.  Until tomorrow!

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