• Fabric Scrap Basket Tutorial

    Sometimes Crafter April 21, 2009

    I thought I’d share with you how to make my fabric scrap “basket”. It’s VERY simple. I whipped out another two baskets in no time at all. Now I have all of my smaller scraps organized into small, medium and large groupings. Did I even mention I’m a Capricorn and like to be organized to a fault? No? Well if this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. Go…

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  • Drunkard’s Path Block

    Sometimes Crafter April 13, 2009

    First things first: you need to decide how many fabrics you want to use. You’ll want at least two fabrics, but no more than 8 for a block like this. (You’ll see why I say a “block like this” at the end.) Directions 1. Choose your fabrics and cut to 7 1/2” square. 2. Stack all your fabrics, lining up all edges. 3. Lay your template on top of your…

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  • Egg Cup Pincushion

    Sometimes Crafter April 7, 2009

    This post originally appeared on Fave Crafts. Materials: Egg cup Fabric scrap (approx. 5” square) Polyfill Needle Thread Glue gun and glue Directions: 1. Draw a 4” circle on the back of your fabric scrap. I used the bottom of a small dish to trace around. Cut out around the circle, approx. ¼” from your drawn line. 2. Baste stitch around your drawn line, leaving long tails at the start…

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