A Home For Small Scraps

IMG_7331I’m tired of ziplock bags.  I broke down and sewed a fabric box.

IMG_7340This one holds my smallest scraps for sewing.  They are pretty tiny.  I used a big scrap of fabric I had, left over from a purse I made.  I used some sew-in interfacing that was pretty stiff.  I wanted the box to hold it’s shape.  

IMG_7341 The box is a good size for these tiny scraps.  It’s a 6” square.  I just cut at random, so it’s nice when things work out.  After sorting through my ziplock bags, I found that I need two more of these for the next two sizes up from this.  Then I have my big, fabric rope basket for the rest of my scraps.  But then I think, I should just stick the other two piles in the big basket.  For now, the other two piles are back in ziplock bags.  Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow.

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