We have a winner!  Via the random number generator – #11, Shari!  Shari said the orange was her favorite.  Just let me know which you would like that I have pre-made or let me know of something custom you’d like.  I will mail it tomorrow.  (My email is in the sidebar.) But…

…I was already planning on sending Shari one as a thank you for all the scraps she sent me a few months ago.  So…we have TWO winners!  Our second winner is #18 mkdeal who thought purple would be nice.  Terri asked me to make her a purple one a few weeks ago…but I don’t have purple!  Email and let me know which you would like or something else you’d like for me to put together for you.  Oh, and your address, too!  I’ll work on finding purples to add to the shop.  I know of a few that I like. 

I want to say thank you to you all for giving me feedback on what you liked or what you would like to see.  I think the favorites were Look & Learn and the orange patchwork.  I too love the patchwork look, and will be doing more of those.  I had fun visiting all of your blogs…and want to apologize for not leaving comments myself.  I am still trying to catch up on blogs in Reader from last week…