My Recent Acquisition

IMG_0133 Look what came in the mail yesterday!  My eBay purchase.  I L-O-V-E it!  It’s a Fisher Price Little People sewing machine from their bathroom/utility set.  I’m not sure exactly when this is from, but from what I can find it might be from the 60s.  But I’m sure they redid some stuff in the 80s.  It doesn’t really matter.  I just wanted it for my shelves in my craft room.  Right now it’s sitting on top of my sewing machine, so I can gaze at it for awhile.  …and my new blog header so we can all enjoy it for awhile.

IMG_0089 Look what I made yesterday.  I’m surprised I got any sewing in, Brice seems to have a head cold and had a high fever.  He seems a little better today, but I spent most of yesterday pushing fluids and holding the little cuddle-bug.  I hope to get back to my Far Far Away project today.  I have an aside to the basket tutorial for a few weeks ago, I’ll post that later today…or tomorrow morning if Brice is particularly needy today.

IMG_0134 I’m hemming and hawing over an update on yesterday’s situation.  After my reply back to the “no refund” email (with the same photos I posted in the blog, that’s what prompted the blog post)…and after finding (and reading) the blog post, the owner emailed back wanting to “figure out a way to make it right together”.  Also, the employee that cut the fabric posted a comment apologizing on yesterdays post offering to send me replacement fat quarters.  I greatly appreciate that.  Thank you, Juillian.  But my problem was not in the cutting of the fabric.  Mistakes do happen.  No one understands that better than me.  I am far from perfect.  My problem was in how my initial email asking about an exchange was handled.  I appreciate the shop wanting to now make things right now, but it should have been handled different from the start.  I shouldn’t have had to send a picture of the fabric and proven myself.  It shouldn’t have taken a blog posting to change the owner’s mind.  In my business is has always been stressed that the customer is always right…even when they’re wrong.  That’s how you get repeat business, and referrals from your happy customers.  I think we can learn something from every situation in life, and I really hope that the owner will approach similar situations in the future differently.  While I appreciate their efforts to make things right now, as I stated yesterday, I don’t feel I can recommend them in the future.  I truly wish her business the best and continued success in these difficult times. 

IMG_0080 I had some personal emails yesterday about wonderful customer service that was received by others from various crafting businesses.  I encourage all of you to share with others your positive experiences, because business that go the extra mile deserve recognition and referrals.  I am quick to give a good referral to the fabric shops around town (or any business for that matter).  I want them to stay in business and want others to receive the great service I have.  Thank you for all of your comments yesterday, making me feel better about my upset over the situation.  There are so many of you that I don’t have emails for and can’t respond to, but I truly appreciate your outrage and understanding of the situation.  You are all wonderful supporters. 

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