Making Progress

IMG_0220 I got burned today – in the figurative way.  Why do I leave myself open for this kind of stuff?  Do I have a magnet internally that just draws in everyone negative?  Stealing is stealing no matter how you try and justify it.  I sometimes feel like I give and give and have nothing to show for it but what has been taken from me.  I know you are all going to want clarification on this, but I really don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about here.  I at least have all of your kind words and support in my crafting adventures. 

IMG_0210 I am so happy that you all liked the paper piece tutorial.  It’s a great template and I’m so glad I came across it for that tutorial. (I kinda, sorta started a new one…) As an aside, Christine of Winnowings shared her blog in the comments and let us know that she did a paper piece a day in July and she has lots of paper piece blocks for you to try.  I might have to try the cat one on something for Brice.  He just loves his “mmm-owes”. 

IMG_9854 I have Augusts block done and photos taken, so I think I will post that one tomorrow.  It’s an easy one and there are other great tutorials out there on the topic.  I will make sure and link to those and will give a quick run down of what I did.  Do you want to know what the block is?  Then tune in this weekend! 

IMG_0209 I got three quilts quilted yesterday.  Now I just need to put the binding on them!  …and I’m suppose to be working a quilt that I need done by tomorrow.  Umm, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  But it wont stop me from trying! 

IMG_0077 And the pillow was a hit!

IMG_0097 And he still wont stay out of the scissor drawer.

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