Hexagon Inspiration

4054377737_fca81b7560If the last two posts weren’t enough inspiration for you, maybe these lovely photos will do it for you.  Click on the mosaic to get more info on the individual images.  And then head to your sewing room and get to making some hexagons already!

As an aside, I was asked a question in the comments that I thought was good to answer here.  I was asked about the purpose of paper piecing your hexagons vs. just sewing them together.  There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t just sew them together without paper piecing, you would just want to make sure that you had  cut out your hexagons accurately and left yourself a true 1/4” seam allowance so that all of your hexagons are consistent when sewing together.  Of course, this does require you to cut hexagons from your fabric.  The benefits of paper piecing is for accuracy in size, accuracy in points meeting up and with using squares of fabric instead of hexagons to wrap your paper pieces, it makes for a much faster processes (in that respect at least).  Also, it gives you something to hand sew for those times you are away from your sewing machine.  I love having projects to work by hand and this one is very gratifying in that it goes together quickly and looks so nice and neat with the paper piece.  So I hope that gives you a little bit of insight as to why you would paper piece vs. machine sew.  I will be doing some machine sewn hexagons in the near future and I’ll of course share that all here.

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  • Thanks for answering!! I was like… am I doing this all horribly wrong. lol. I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to hand sew all those hexagons but I do love the finished look.

  • Man, I wonder how all our Grammas did it? Mine did so so many of those quilts. I’ve asked my mom how Gramma did it and she doesn’t know!!!ugh I have a gorgeous hexagon quilt on the wall right here in front of the computer done by my dear Grandmother. Oh would I love to have just a half yard of several of these fabrics from 55 years ago!!!and to know how she did hers…

  • I’m so glad you’ve been posting about hexagon quilts – I’m in the middle of one right now! Earlier this year I machine pieced (Y seams) a top with huge hexagons – it was time consuming, but less so than doing it by hand, and it turned out great. The one I’m working on now is with much smaller hexies, so I’m hand-piecing it – and you’re so right about its portability being a definite plus. I haven’t blogged about either of these quilts, yet – I need to get on it!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation to finish them!

  • Beautiful and definitely inspiring! I have a bunch of depression era fabrics from my grandparent’s farm that I have been making into yo-yos for a quilt, but now I’m torn, maybe I should start making hexagons!?! Thanks for the fun photos

  • I am part way through a hexagon quilt and you have just inspired me to go and do a bit more! I am enjoying it but I find it is something which gets pushed to one side and my other crafts seem to take over! :)

  • Oh my gosh it have had eyes on your blog all of 30 seconds and I love it! I love hexagons they are my new obsession only thing is I HATE sewing them!! I’m hoping to find some great tips!