Emily’s Memory Quilt

IMG_2063 While I call it a memory quilt, some might refer to it as a bereavement quilt.  I was contacted by Emily back in January about making a quilt for her incorporating some of her mother clothes into it after she saw some of my quilts online.  Her mother, Beverly, had passed away 7 years ago (shortly after my own [step]dad passed away) quite unexpectedly of an aortic aneurism.  Because of my own loss of a parent at the same time, to say this project was very near to my heart is an understatement.  I gladly agreed to create a quilt for her guest room and thought hard about the quilt pattern I might use. 

IMG_2062 When it came down to it, the clothes dictated the pattern and style.  Most of the fabrics she sent were jersey knit nightgowns of soft, romantic prints.  I knew I needed a few more fabrics to add in so made a trip to Fabric Depot to find just the right classic prints.  I bet you can’t tell which ones are which.  It all came together so beautifully.  I love this quilt.  It’s probably one of my most favorites that I have ever made.  Emily emailed me after she received it late last week and she said she loves it. 

IMG_1630 I didn’t take a picture, but I made a label for the back with a photo of her mom (I had her send me) as well as her name and date of birth and death so that this quilt will always be a testament to her mothers life as it passes through the generations of family members.  Now Emily will always have a piece of her mom with her and any time she might need a hug from her she can just wrap her self up in this quilt.  Emily told me what a beautiful person her mother was inside and out and I can tell through email correspondence with her that it has rubbed off.  I have my own memory quilt to make from clothes we saved of my dad’s, and I think this was the prompting I needed to actually get to it.  So thank you Emily for the opportunity and the kick in the butt.

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