Quilt Done & Shop Update

IMG_4411 I have been a busy, busy girl today.  I finished the Nicey Jane quilt and got it photographed yesterday.  I am so pleased with it.  Soft, sweet, romantic and very spring-y.  The final measurement is 60×88” and I listed it in my Etsy shop

IMG_4521 Not only did the quilt get finished, but so did the pattern!  It’s all ready to go.  This pattern is a little different from some of my other patterns.  I have all sorts of charts and diagrams and check sheets to help navigate all of the pattern cuts.  I had my mom test it out for me, and if she can do it, anyone can.  No offense mom.  But she gets very frustrated with patterns and I usually get pulled in to help her navigate them.  Hence the check sheets, diagrams and tables for cutting AND piecing.  I’m so excited to have this done and I can’t wait to see all of the different fabric combinations that come together. 

IMG_4492 I originally designed this pattern with color value in mind – light, medium and dark.  Keeping that in mind while designing gave a nicely balanced quilt.  But you are not limited to light, medium and dark…you could choose to do colors, like orange, green and blue.  Like we did here with the Katie Jump Rope fabrics for my mom.  As you can tell this still needs to be quilted.  Soon.

IMG_4500 Finally, I needed a quick sewing fix last night.  So I grabbed another block print that I had printed back in January and surrounded it in patchwork and made it into a little tote bag.  The perfect library tote or shopping bag.  The final measurement ended up being around 15” x 11”.  I lined it in gingham and put my little logo stamp on the back.  I love this creamy-white home dec fabric.  It gives the bag great stability.  This too made it into my Etsy shop.

More photos of everything can be found on my Flickr.

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