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Yes, it is that time of year again.  That time of year where we break out the gobs of butter, sugar and flour and begin to make cookies and candy galore.  I was asked to contribute a posting to the Real Butter blog The Gift of Goodness this season, which included making something delicious and packaging it up for gifting.  I’ve mentioned it more than once that I struggle to figure out host/ess gifts at the last minute and this is always a perfect way to get around that.  Because who wouldn’t love something delicious at the holidays?  I made some lemon ricotta cookies that were unlike anything I’ve ever eaten before – not too sweet and very moist!  They went together so quick and easy.  Head on over to The Gift of Goodness blog to grab the recipe and check out all of the other fantastic contributions throughout the season. (And for the diabetics in the audience, there’s already one recipe up that isn’t sweet, so you can find some ideas for yourself as well!)

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  • I was all ready to make these awesome looking cookies, but no one will sell the silver dragees around here! Are they really bad for you and did you have to order them online as I will probably have to do? Thanks!! Love your blog!!

  • You should still make them without them – they are so good! We actually have a couple of cake decorating shops around Portland that sell them. They actually aren’t really that bad for you. The sugar is probably worse then the actual metal content in them. Kids get WAY more metal in their injections then you will probably ever eat in these little balls. Some scuzzy lawyer looking to make a quick buck decided to sue all the grocery stores in a certain part of California saying they had metal in them and were bad for kids. The guy has no kids, knows no one that has ever been effected by these or anything. It’s really bogus. If you do a little searching on Google you should be able to find the articles on them. I think this was back in the 90’s that he did this…