Now that the leaves have all fallen it feels more like fall is here.  Except, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas sits in front of us and that means winter is just around the corner.  Every year I have high hopes of making holiday gifts, but every year the days slip by with other important tasks ahead of holiday crafting.  I have no illusion that this year will be any different, but I hope to have a big project completed and out of my hands shortly, freeing up my time to sew for family and friends.  I have a fun ornament swap with some of my close blog friends and I have the ornament tutorial to share with all of you (I haven’t forgotten, it will be posted mid-month at Say Yes to Hoboken as part of her BlogNog series).  I have had so much fun using Pinterest and having gotten friends hooked into it as well just makes the experience even more time consuming.  One of the pins posted was of braided hair – something I’ve been doing more and more lately.  I love a messy, all over the place braid – yet hardly leave the house in braids because I like hair framing my face.  Weird, I know.  Anyways, the braid was to the sides and so I just had to do that today.  Another favorite braid is to go from the top side down to the bottom of the opposite side of my head, with the excess braid trailing over my shoulder.  Even when I’m not sewing, I still find a way to craft, because braiding my hair counts as a craft…right?

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