Color Anxiety


The hardest part of quilting for me in picking out my fabrics for a quilt.  I always second guess myself and doubt my choices and ultimately it takes me a week to get started on a quilt purely because of the fabric selection process.  I can go to a quilt shop, pick out fabrics at random, just because I like them, and get home with a stack that works beautifully, without even meaning to.  But when it comes to picking out fabrics for a quilt, I’m totally lost. 


Have you seen Jeni’s The Art of Choosing posts yet?  They have been a big help in making me feel more confident in my color choices.  Not only do I feel more confident, but I feel as thought I’m making educated choices when I go to my fabric cabinet.  I started with a stack of fabric, and it’s still pretty much intact here, but I did swap out a few choices.  Even after I chose my fabric, I still wasn’t sure and snapped these photos to get Jeni’s opinion.  As soon as I loaded the photos onto the computer screen I instantly felt good about my selection.  Somehow seeing the fabrics on screen let me step back from it and see it from a whole new angle.  I loved my choices.  In the future, I will for sure be taking photos after picking fabrics to reassure myself.  It really helped me, and maybe it will help some of you, too! 

For fabric name inquires, click over to this photo and make notes and I’ll answer there.

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  • Ahhhck, I love this stack so much! So saturated and pretty!

    You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that it has been helpful! I have really enjoyed doing the series, but it’s even better knowing it’s actually useful! :)

  • I think your fabric choices are wonderful! Great colour selection and the patterns seem to balance too, if that makes any sense!

    Thanks for introducing me to Jeni’s blog too, while I’m not a quilter I am always hunting out blogs that can offer colour matching tips (I suffer from colour anxiety too!) and I think Jeni’s tips can apply to any colour choices (for me, it’s embroidery thread…)

  • I find a photo always helps me find whether a stack of fabric works, or whether there’s an odd one (or three) out that need swapping. You pile looks perfect though!

  • The camera is a wonderful quilting tool. I often take photos of fabric choices, just like you did. I also take black and white photos when I’m trying to judge values of colors. Sometimes it is hard to see what is actually a DARK and what is really a MEDIUM value. Many times I find mistakes when looking at a photo of my blocks that I was completely blind to when the block was right in front of me. And, of course, the camera is invaluable when arranging quilt blocks for a final layout.

    You have one really wonderful stack of fabric there!!

  • I loved every post in your blog..
    Your work is neat and pretty..
    How do you fold these fabrics so neatly? Wow..
    Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.. :-)