Gifts For A Friend


I recently made this mini quilt as a gift for Jeni for her birthday.  I have these little hangers with clips on them and think they are perfect for mini quilts…so as soon as I saw them in one of my bins on the shelf, I knew I needed to make one.  I selected the center from a quilt in the book Classic Quilts with Contemporary Style.  It was originally a Japanese publication (2007) and reprinted last year in English.  Because I loved the traditional feel of the block, I wanted to stick with somewhat traditional style fabrics.  I’m very happy with the selection.  The quilt itself was about 6” square.  I did a single fold binding (like this tutorial here) and it always goes so much better on these small projects that my usual double fold for big quilts.  To finish it off, I hand quilted the lighter fabrics.


Among other things, I drew this bunny for her as well.  I created a bunny shape on the computer and then printed it out and doodled inside of it.  Then I scanned it back in and “vectorized” it and printed it on linen paper.  I have an idea to make a few more of these with different animal shapes.  But of course it’s always a matter of having the time to do it.  We’ll just have to see how that plays out.

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