Linen + Pink + Feathers


When I’m quilting quilts for others I pretty much always know what pattern will work best for the design.  When it comes to my own quilts, I’m usually clueless.  This quilt has sat since July waiting for quilting inspiration to hit.  I really wanted to hand quilt this with a 12 wt. variegated pink thread…  But I also knew I just don’t have the time for that.  So I went with my second love: feathers.


I love adding little swirls and curls as I go along.  It breaks it up nicely and gives it a bit of a doodle effect (which I really like in quilting).  I used a different thread for this as it was still on the machine from the last quilt, which had a minky backing and seemed to like the thinner thread better.  It’s Bottom Line by Superior and very, very thin at 60 wt.  It took me forever to get the tension right on the last quilt so I really didn’t want to mess with it.  I have another new thread coming, so I will have to do some tension adjusting, but hopefully not much as it’s just a 50 wt.  I really like using the poly thread, vs. the cotton, because I can get so much more on a bobbin and have a lot less fuzz in the machine.  I’ve used cotton up to this point, but I think I will be switching to the poly threads from Superior for awhile.  (And I really need to thank Rachel for that who also has a longarm like mine and recommended it to me!)


Something I really love about the Bottom Line thread is how it disappears into the quilt.  You still see the great texture of the quilt design, but not the thread itself.  Sometimes that’s just what I want.  I also really liked that it only took one bobbin for almost two quilts!  I like not having to stop and change bobbins. 


It’s all ready for binding, so once I have that done I’ll share the quilt in it’s full glory!

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