Paper Pieces

_MG_1725I have been spending a lot of time working on bigger projects lately, and was really feeling I needed to sew something small and useful to energize my creativity today.  I was cutting templates out from paper, and had lots of sizeable scraps left over.  I feel so guilty throwing them away because I can honestly use a scrap of paper from time to time to jot down notes, lists, ideas, measurements…  The problem is I always seem to throw the bits of paper away because I don’t want a pile of loose paper, of all different sizes, laying around.  I always save the big sheets of paper that I don’t end up using for one reason or another, and put them in a file folder to jot on the back of when I’m in a jotting kind of mood.  But sometimes, I just want a small scrap.

_MG_1708 _MG_1709

That’s when I decided I needed a little box to hold my scraps of paper in on my desk.  And idea began to form.  I began looking around my room trying to figure out what I could use.  Then I had one of those palm-to-forehead moments and realized I could make myself one from fabric.  I have small fabric boxes in my sewing room for sewing scraps, so why not one on my desk for paper scraps? 

_MG_1719I decided on a good size, opened up my Make Your Own Box pattern and went to the worksheet and figured out the sizes I would need.  Then I constructed it like my fabric basket tutorial and in no time at all, I had this simple little {pretty} way to organize all those little pieces of paper.  I am always amazed when the smallest of projects puts the biggest of smiles on my face.

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