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Pugly Pixel has had a few tutorials up that have been on my to-do list to try for awhile.  One of them was making an animated GIF.  So that one is now checked off my list.  The hardest part was deciding what I wanted to animate.  Since I’ve been thinking about sharing some photos from Instagram lately, this was perfect.  I share so much of my day on that fun little app.  It’s really nice to be able to share in photos what I’m up to and see what all of my friends are doing, too.  It’s a great way to stay connected.  Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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And of course I think I have photos of the kitties more than anything else on Instagram.  There is just so much cuteness throughout the day that I have to share.  If you’ve been over to my Flickr lately you may have seen that we’ve had some trouble getting Newman use to using the litter box.  I think we’ve pretty much got it taken care of, but still watching and not letting him into the boy’s room and my craftroom without supervision.  But so far so good for the past several days.  Norman seems to really enjoy having a friend around.  Every morning we have kitty wild hour and they body slam each other all around the bedroom while I’m on the computer working.  In the evenings you’ll usually find them curled up somewhere together, sometimes With one in a headlock getting a cleaning.  I love having them both around.  I think I have the perfect combination with a Ragdoll and Maine Coon. 

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