Valentine’s Goodies To Make

I love an excuse to come up with a fun project to make.  Valentine’s is a perfect “make something” holiday to me and I had the idea for a mini quilt for my mom in the back of my head.  She has a new crafting space (yet to be assembled) and I wanted her to have a mini quilt with a photo of her favorite pooch, Lady (who passed away a few years ago now).  I just love using inkjet fabric sheets and am always amazed at the quality of the print.  This time I used fabric sheets I bought from C. Jenkins Co. (where I have also bought Bubble Jet Set before).  This was the first time I printed on their fabric sheets and I think I have a new favorite.  The photos came out beautifully!  I do have to say, that while color prints look nice, printing them in black and white always looks the best.  The print is always so smooth and soft and usually has a nice “creaminess” to it.  In this photo I think you can tell just how nice the prints really are on the inkjet fabric.  Instructions as well as alternative ideas using Washi tape or scrapbook paper are in a guest post over at the Focal Press blog Mastering Photo today.
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There is also a second post by me up on making a fun gift for the “Him” in your life (or “Her).  It’s always hard for me to craft for my husband.  If I’m going to take the time I want to know he is going to appreciate and use it.  Gifts always need to be useful in my mind.  So the idea for a photo paperweight for his desk was the perfect project.  In this guest post I talked about how I adjust my image in Photoshop to get it just the right size for printing so that it fits nicely inside the paperweight, as well as show how easy it is to assemble the paperweight.  There are lots of companies on the web that sell the kits, but I found to be the best on price (product + shipping).
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I hope that you enjoy both posts and find some useful information and find yourself inspired to make your own project.  I already gifted my mom the fabric mini quilt and was thinking I’d keep the washi tape one for myself…  I thought wrong.  My mom loved that one so much she wanted it as well.  How could I say no.  I’m so happy that both were loved so much and I still have my cute paper mini quilt of Norman for my walls.  I thought I’d share this cute photo of Newman I took the other day.  Then I thought about how it needed a cute frame.  So I made an oval clipping mask from my doodles.  I have so much fun figuring this kind of stuff out.  I’m hoping to make some more doodle frames in the future.

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