Happy Houses Embroidery


Brice (who turned 4 at the start of summer) started preschool last week.  It’s not going as smoothly as I had hoped, but it is definitely an adjustment for him being away from me.  I think he is enjoying himself, but he’s not use to playing with so many kids at once, and Brice isn’t your typical crazy kid, he’s pretty calm and relaxed, at least compared to a lot of the kids I see.  Being my only child, he gets a lot of adult time and is more use to being around people that listen when you talk and don’t push and shove.  He’ll adjust over the next few weeks.  He’s been learning how to write the letter “A” this week and the number one.  We have them written on his chalk board and he practices when he feels like it.  He’s doing so well.  I’m so proud of him.  He really likes for me to draw little houses for him on his board.  He calls them “happy houses”.  I agree, they do look pretty happy.  I drew this scene today, and thought they’d make a really cute embroidery pattern.


While I don’t have time to stitch it up right now, I went ahead and made it a template for you to try.  Do be sure to share if you make one.  I’d love to see it all stitched up.  {Link Below}

Happy Little Houses | A Free Embroidery Pattern

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