Stuck In A Rut


I’m stuck in a very uncreative rut.  I can’t seem to motivate myself to get anything going.  I think all the creativity of the past winter-spring has lead me to wanting to lay around and do nothing.  And I don’t like it.  Some of it has to do with other things in life keeping me busy (like quilting for clients…I’m still officially “closed” for business if you’re wondering).  Sewing Summit is coming up next month (for those of your going, are you so excited?!).  I am trying to get myself all ready for that.  I had hoped to have a new pattern released after that weekend.  But that means I have to actually gather fabric to make the full sized quilt.  Right now that seems like a lot of work.  I have been working on some hand applique here and there for a friends very, very belated wedding gift (they just celebrated their 2nd anniversary).  And working with Jill of Tabslot on a very cool template for my next quilt.  I also assembled a cute IKEA “kitchen” cart to hold all of my other crafts in (drawing, watercolor, journaling)…but I haven’t actually got anything in there.  The idea is to make it easier to craft because it can all be rolled easily where ever I want (bedroom desk, kitchen table, craftroom).  Send me some creative vibes, will ya?  I could really use them. 

I have a question for you, this very cool “next” quilt I’m going to release, what fabric line should I make it from?  I know that you have no idea what it looks like, but I’d love to know some lines of fabric you’re looking to see quilts made from.  It will help me narrow it down.  I’m kind of thinking along the lines of Anna Maria’s new line…  I’ll tell you this, the quilt has a very “ornamental” kind of feel to it…  Interpret that as you will. *insert grin here*

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  • I think Art Gallery would be great also. I love the fabric colors, prints, and their feel. Whatever you pick I know it will be lovely. And don’t worry about the blahs. And sometimes we need to recharge and better inspiration will come. I really wonder how these young quilters get so much done! Where is the real life?

  • I’ve had times like that. Don’t even want to get near my machine. Just take it easy and relax and it’ll come back ;) I love AMH’s new line and think that would be gorgeous. Also, Chicopee could be cool. And I agree with Judith…loving Pat Bravo’s new lines.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself! You worked like a fiend to get everything done for your deadline, I’m not surprised your batteries need a little down time to recharge. I’m at a loss as to recommend a fabric line. I’m in the minority at the moment as the large floral prints don’t really do it for me (I think they look too much like wallpaper)on quilts. I love them for pillows or bags, but have a hard time cutting them up to piece. I do like the colours in Chicopee just because they are different.

  • If I were going to start a new project I would use Katherine’s Wheel. Free Spirit makes it, but the designer’s name escapes me. I do like like AMH, but everyone is using it. I do love the feel of Art Gallery, so Pat Bravo would be OK.

  • Sigh, I’ve tried to post my very-positive-vibe three times now but blogger is so frustrating!! Ok, trying again!

    I’m just coming out of the same place myself and I’m starting to think creatively again. I hope anyway! I was spurred into action by the appearance of a very cool couture atelier/retail space on my street, the kind of place I’d love to have myself!

    Sending you very positive creative vibes from Belgium!


  • Cut yourself some slack. The rut is pretty normal after the book work. It’s happened to me both times. I took all of August off from starting anything new. And even now I’m just trying to tie up loose ends, but it is still hard.

    As for the new fabric line, your hint makes me think of New Leaf, Daisy Janie’s upcoming line.