Refinished Sewing Box


I was really lucky to find this cute sewing box at the Goodwill a few weeks ago, and for a steal by our Goodwill’s standards – $10!  Normally everything is so inflated.  They sell used items for more than the item costs new.  So $10 was a very, very good deal.  It was basically in good shape, just needed a little touch up.  Someone on Instagram told me about Restore-A-Finish so I checked it out and it seemed like the best solution.  That stuff is great.  Basically no prep, so I recommend checking that out if you need to refinish an item.  It covered up all the scrapes and dings nicely.  It was missing a few screws, so I had to hunt a few of those down as well, but our local ACE Hardware had everything I needed.


This sewing box is a little bit smaller than my other one, but I think it’s a good size for holding everything needed for a project at a time.  Right now I’m trying to finish up my hand appliqued quilt for a long overdue wedding present (the happy couple just had their first baby yesterday, I’m about 3 years late on their quilt). 


The inside was in really good shape.  I just took the air compressor to it and blew out all the dust and lint.  It’s an inexpensive sewing box to begin with, but it’s previous owner didn’t use it much from what I can tell. 


I’m so glad to have this project completed, all I seem to do is start projects so it’s always nice to finish something.  Right now this is sitting in the living room by my chair.  My husband asked me if that’s where it was going to live.  I think it’s in his way when he walks around the couch.  I told him yes, that’s where it’s going to live until the quilt is finished…and maybe longer if he makes a fuss about it. 

I’ll be at Quilt Market on Friday and Saturday since it’s here in town, so be sure to stop me and say “hi” if you happen to recognize me.  One of my very good friends is coming to town tomorrow and I can’t wait to pick her up at the airport!

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