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I’m rested and rejuvenated after my last week and a half off.  My time off started with a weekend at Sewing Summit where I taught Foundation Paper Piecing basics the first day.  It is a hard subject to teach to 30 people at once!  But I think we managed just fine and a lot of people walked out with completed blocks, which of course made my day.


I got to visit with so many friends, old and new.  I was lucky enough to share a room with one of my very good friends, Jeni.  We gabbed late into the night our last night.  It’s so hard living so far from such good friends.  I took some wonderful classes, as well!  I got to meet my agent Kate in person finally and listened in on her talk about publishing.  I took a great curves class by Angela and even finished my mini quilt top!  I also took a mini Dresden class with Jessi and got almost all of it pieced (I just need to applique the circle to the center) and I finished a wall pocket hoop from Amanda’s class.  I sewed half square triangles in Amy’s class and used Jeni’s new Nordika line, but I’m still finishing the squaring and then will get it all sewn together.  That quilt will be for me.  I am so excited to have a quilt for myself out of my friends fabric line.  To see more from the weekend at Sewing Summit, you can visit the Instagram hashtag here.


After Sewing Summit was done, we headed out to Moab.  (We being myself, my mom and my son.)  We picked a perfect time to visit the national parks for more than one reason, it turns out.  The weather in Moab is just perfect this time of a year.  The day we arrived saw one of the worst rain storms in years, but after that our stay was sunny and warm.

_MG_3699 _MG_3585


We always love hiking around Arches.  To say Brice loves hiking would be an understatement.  He wore my mom and I out with all of the hiking he demanded we do.  My poor shins were sore for days after we left.  I was a little bummed that all the rain flooded out the hikes down to Delicate Arch.  I think this would have been the perfect year to hike that with Brice and the weather wasn’t too hot.  We’ll go back, so I’m not too worried about it.  I can never get enough of the area, I frequently ask Aaron if we can move there.  This last weekend, when we arrived back home, we were estimated to get over 10” of rain (not sure if we meet or exceeded that), Moab gets a yearly average rainfall of 9”.  We get more rain in one weekend then they see the whole year.  I’m just about done with all our grey skies and rain.  I’m not so sure all the pretty green trees are wroth it anymore.


After Arches we headed to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone where it was snowing.  It was certainly beautiful and very quiet for the park.  I think it helped that most of the park is winding down to close this time of year.


They will be getting lots and lots of snow in no time at all.  I think we’ve decided late September is the time of year to visit there.  It use to be that we’d drive into the park and get a room anywhere we wanted, now you have to make reservations months in advance.

_MG_3815 _MG_3825
_MG_3789 _MG_3834

_MG_3864Normally, the bison along the roadway are kind of annoying.  A little like cattle, they seem so common.  Their favorite thing to do is to block traffic.  It’s quite humorous at times.  However, they had already begun their migration and there were very few herds around.  We were told they migrated early which usually means a long, hard winter.  We could believe it after the snow we saw.  This trip, without the many annoying road stops, they were quite beautiful and majestic in the snowy plains.  This was definitely the best time of year to visit the park and we will be returning this time of year again and again.

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  • Beautiful pictures!! I saw your Yellowstone pictures on Instagram. We also went to Arches and Moab but decided not to go to Yellowstone, and it ended up we would have been there when the Parks shut down anyways. I’m happy for us that the timing worked out, but sad for all the folks who wanted to visit now!