Manzanita, Oregon

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We visited the beach over New Year’s.  It was a time to spend with my family and to finally lay my grandma’s ashes to rest.  It’s hard to believe she’s been gone almost a year now.  We are still in court fighting ridiculous battles.  I have been coming and staying at Manzanita for years now.  I would live here if I could.  The weather was beautiful for our stay.  Sunny everyday and in the 60’s, which is just unheard of for here this time of year.  On New Year’s day we looked out our rental houses windows to see a large crowd gathering on the beach right in front of us.  Soon people were arriving in their swimsuits.  Apparently Manzanita hosts a Polar Plunge on New Year’s.  It was rather fun to watch from upstairs and in the comfort of our warm and cozy home.


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