These cute embroidery themed notes are perfect for printing at home, as many as you need, whenever you need them! Use as individual sheets or glue them together into a notepad – it’s so simple!

My hope is this free printable bookmark finds you wrapped in a quilt and lost in a book! This is a PDF file ready for you to print and use. I suggest printing on cardstock. You could even laminate it to make it extra durable and long lasting!

A weekly printable calendar to keep track of your schedule, priorities and notes. There are two options to choose from – a habit tracker or a quilt project tracker. I’ve also included single page, or two per page options. Each is an individual PDF.

A quilt themed, undated monthly calendar perfect for any month of the year! Nothing inspires me to stay on task more than a pretty calendar every month. This is a PDF file ready for you to print and use!