• Mod Blooms // Wish Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter June 26, 2020

    Since we’re on the topic of Amy’s Petal + Stem book this week, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about one of the quilts I helped her quilt for the book.

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  • Garden Whimsy // Quilting Ideas

    Sometimes Crafter June 22, 2020

    So you’ve been diligently sewing your rows every 2 weeks for the Garden Whimsy Quilt-along and now you’re thinking to yourself: How should I quilt it? That’s where I come in, I’m going to give you a few ideas that are a bit more intricate (perhaps if you’re taking it to a longarm quilter), as well as a few less intimidating ideas you could accomplish on your domestic machine. If you’re not sure what i’m even talking about, the Garden…

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  • Going The Extra Mile

    Sometimes Crafter March 22, 2019

    Yesterday I posted some photos on my Instagram stories about repairing foundation paper pieced blocks in a quilt i’ll be quilting for a client. I made a “highlight” on my profile page with all the posts if you’re interested in seeing how I go about making FPP repairs, but that’s not what today’s post is about. Today I wanted to talk about the business of longarm quilting and offering services like this for your clients. I had a couple of…

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  • Pin Banner Tutorial

    Sometimes Crafter March 10, 2019

    Today i’m sharing how to make this very simple, easy and quick to make pin banner. I bought a few pins this fall and decided I wanted a way to display them in my studio and a pin banner seemed like the cutest and easiest method. I grabbed my canvas and got cutting and this was the end result. It was so easy I decided to type up a quick tutorial so you can make one, too! Supplies: Canvas or…

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  • Batwings + Bowties Block

    Sometimes Crafter October 18, 2018

    Hello everyone!  Today I have long asked for tutorial for the block I used in my Halloween quilt a few years ago.  Not only that, but I made a YouTube video tutorial for it as well.  It’s such a simple block and so much fun to put together with scraps or small amounts of fabric you have on hand.  It’s the perfect block for a scrappy quilt. I had so much fun making this quilt, and using all of my…

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  • Feathered Star Quilt

    Sometimes Crafter January 26, 2018

    Remember the days when I use to blog daily…yeah, me either.  It’s been so long since I’ve done any regular blogging and every year I tell myself this is the year I get back on track.  It just never seems to happen.  Social media has taken a backseat to actual life more and more every year.  I had a Facebook for years and I officially got rid of it two years ago.  Best decision I ever made.  I still like…

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  • Quilt Binding Tutorials

    Sometimes Crafter December 13, 2017

    On this page you’ll find links to all of my binding tutorials, from piecing your binding, to stitching it on the front of the quilt by machine and hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt by hand.  There are even a few tutorials for getting those perfectly mitered corners and showing an updated method for finishing your binding with a Fons & Porter Binding Tool. Part 1: Making your binding Part 2: Attaching your binding to the…

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  • Quilting Sea Glass

    Sometimes Crafter April 3, 2017

    Good afternoon!  It’s sunny and bright here in the Pacific Northwest today and i’m feeling so productive, so I thought while I had a quilt going in the background i’d take a moment to pop in and show you some photos of Amy Friend’s Sea Glass Quilt I quilted for her last winter.  Its one of many quilts in her new book Improv Paper Piecing.  

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  • Kite Flight Quilt + Quilting Video

    Sometimes Crafter February 26, 2017

    I just recently quilted this beautiful Kite Flight quilt by Heather Wall (@heathersnacks).  If i’m remembering correctly, Heather is a new-ish quilter, and she did a really wonderful job on this.  The seams weren’t too bulky, everything laid flat and lined up well and was relatively square, which I noticed would be rather hard to achieve with all the bias seams that end up in this block.  She was going back and forth between two patterns and ultimately let me…

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