Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting

Sometimes Crafter Longarm Quilting is a professional quilt studio based out of my home in Ridgefield, Washington USA.  I quilt on a Gammill Statler Stitcher and have been longarm quilting for over 15 years.  Quilting is both hand guided and computer guided, depending on the complexity of the quilting requested.   My quilting work has been featured in various print publications throughout the years, including my own book Quilting Happiness. I enjoy working on all styles of quilts and bringing them alive with quilting.  Whether it be a pre-designed edge-to-edge, or something custom designed specifically for your quilt, I love the process of choosing a design that is just perfect for your piece.  All quilts are treated as treasured pieces that will go on to be heirloom pieces.  Every detail is attended to.  No quilt is too small for a visit to the “quilt spa” where it will be lovingly tended to.

Accepting edge-to-edge quilts again as of January 2024!