**Currently booked through 2021**

Feel free to contact me for pricing and to get on the list for 2022. Reserving your spot for custom quilting is especially important.

If you would like an estimate for quilting use the contact form, or send an email to [email protected] with the information below. Photos of the quilt (or links to a similar quilt or pattern) are helpful and always welcome, but not required. Emails are typically answered the same day or next business day.

Quilting Estimate Information needed:

* Project name
* Quilt size
* Quilting type
* Quilting density
* Quilting Pattern/Style
* Thread color
* Quilt Batting
* Will this quilt be published or entered into shows?
* Can I share photos of your quilt?
* Is this a rush quilt?
* Do you have a date you must have it back by?