• Cactus Garden Quilt Pattern

    Sometimes Crafter July 12, 2016

    I just released my latest quilt pattern last night: Cactus Garden.  All those little crown points reminded me of succulents and cactus spikes, and bringing them all together seemed like a garden of cacti.  I actually had this about 3/4 of the way done and then set it aside and forgot about it.  So here it is, two years later and I finally finished it up.  I still love the colors and design as much as when I started it.

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  • HST Tote Bag Pattern

    Sometimes Crafter June 6, 2016

    Over the winter I taught several sessions of my tote bag class.  It was such a hit that I decided i’d make the pattern available for purchase.  I really love this bag and have made it so many times over the years.  It goes together quickly and effortlessly.  I use mine for shopping and holding knitting projects and the size has always been just perfect for anything I need to go in there.  One of things I love most about…

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  • Painted Basket Quilt Pattern

    Sometimes Crafter September 4, 2015

    The Painted Basket Quilt pattern is now available. You can read more about the quilt in this post and you can find the pattern for purchase here.  If you’re someone that likes working with Jelly Rolls, this is a strip friendly pattern.  The pattern lists both yardage and strip amounts needed for the different fabrics, making it easy to swap in leftover strips from other projects.  While quilt instructions/fabric requirements are for making the quilt as shown, you could easily make…

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  • Feathers Patterns Now Available!

    Sometimes Crafter March 16, 2014

    The Feathers in the Wind Quilt and Feathers Patterns are now available!  Both are PDF direct downloads and can be purchased from my online shop or on Etsy. The first is the Feathers in the Wind Quilt pattern which includes the feather paper piecing printouts and instructions for making the quilt top, including cutting and construction diagrams.  The pattern has both the Textured feather shown on the quilt top, as well as the Simple feather designed for fast construction, or…

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  • Freezing Rain Table Runner Pattern

    Sometimes Crafter February 28, 2013

    Finally!  It’s time to release the Freezing Rain Table Runner pattern.  I originally designed this to be a quilt, in different colors than you see here.  The original quilt design is called Liquid Sunshine and I hope to get that completed after the quilt pattern that is coming up next.  Lupin at Modern Domestic asked if we could turn the idea into a table runner for the holidays and specifically asked for these colors as kind of a modern, winter…

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  • The Knitting Bag – A Closer Look

    Sometimes Crafter July 29, 2011

    I have been patiently waiting for Three Kitchen Fairies blog-aversary to tell you a little more about Amanda’s Knitting Bag so I would have a reason to link to her awesome giveaway (one of the prizes is a copy of the pattern).  The idea for this bag originally came about because of my friend Amanda’s birthday.  I wanted to make her something and I had this great stitching of the Octo-bunny from Badbird’s website and had to think of a…

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