Grid, Dot + Line Procreate Set


**This is a digital item for use in Procreate**

This set includes 23 grid, dot and line brushes. Grids include standard square, hexagons, isometric and more! The brushes are great for backgrounds, adding texture and pattern design to your illustrations, or for creating your own writing sheets for practicing handwriting or taking notes. All brushes are able to be sized as you need (using the slide slider means the pattern changes from small to large, instead of staying one stationary size) and all brushes are able to be picked up off the canvas and placed down and started again right where you left off, with no annoying overlap for new strokes!

Includes 1 digital brush set with 23 brushes, available for download after purchase.

*Requires an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate to use.
*Brushes may be used for commercial artwork.
*Please do not edit, share or resell this brush set.