January Mini Brush Set


**This is a digital item for use in Procreate**

Every month I like to create a new image for my Procreate and Instagram to separate my art to make it easier to find my files, and I usually create these with my own brushes. Since I often use brushes from a few different sets, and like to use more then one brush on an illustration, I thought it might be fun to share the brushes I use each month in mini sets. They are a great way for you to recreate the feel of the illustration, and try out a variety of my brushes at a lower price.

January’s set includes 8 brushes in one brushset file. The brushes included are:

* Norman 5.2 from my Illustration set. This is probably my favorite brush from the set. I love the little dotted imperfections throughout the squared off brush. I gave it even more smoothing with Procreate 5.2’s new features. I find it even easier to get smooth lettering with this updated version of my favorite lettering brush. It can be a really great textured brush for drawing and fills, too!

* Large Grid Thin Line is from my Grid, Dot, & Line Set. This brush makes it easy to get larger grid sizes quickly, and it keeps the line nice and thin. I use this brush all the time for background fills and to help me get straight lines when lettering. I often paint it onto a layer of it’s own and then hide it when I’m done with my lettering. There’s no need to fill the whole canvas, I just fill the area I need to letter in.

* 5 Stamp brushes from my Sketch Stars Stamp Set. I used some of my favorite “stars” from this set to fill in the background. The dot and plus are probably the most used stamps from this set, I find them a great fill brush for so many projects. Each brush acts as a stamp. Tap once on your screen to place the star right where you want. On a smaller scale you wont notice, but once enlarged, you’ll see they have a nice sketchy feel to them.

* Also includes a bonus Norman 5.2 brush where the grain follows the brush sizing. Get even grainier lettering as you enlarge your brush! This brush is great for jumbo lettering projects.

This brush set was created using Procreate 5.2, so I can not guarantee it will work with older versions seamlessly, however, all brushes except Normal 5.2 were originally created with the original 5x release. The file included in this listing is a .brushset file (one brush set, not individual brushes), so be sure your version of Procreate supports .brushset files.

Includes 1 digital .brushset file, with 8 brushes, for use in Procreate within a .zip file.

Requires an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate to use.

*Please do not edit, share or resell this brush set.

I would love to see what you create with this set, so be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #scsbrushes (and me of course – @sometimescraftr)