• Longarm Quilting + Things To Know

    Sometimes Crafter May 21, 2014

    Sarah at Crinkle Love, who has a naturally lit quilting space to die for, is sharing a post today called – 10 Things Your Longarm Quilter Wants You to Know.  Sarah had the idea a few weeks ago to do a post talking about the things a longarm quilter would like for their clients to know before sending in their quilt to be quilted.  Of course, we all talk about the…

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  • What is “Modern” Anyway

    Sometimes Crafter May 19, 2014

    This pattern now available here! Today I find myself once again thinking about what defines a modern quilter.  I don’t define myself as a “modern” quilter, but lots of people do.  Why?  What makes me a modern quilter? The definition of “modern quilting” is a different definition to many people.  I could never quite lay my finger on what I thought was modern about some quilts and not others.  I…

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  • Longarm Quilting

    Sometimes Crafter May 3, 2014

    Despite the fact that it’s been quiet here on the blog-front, i’ve actually been quite busy quilting for others.  Much of what i’ve been doing lately i’m not able to share, as they have been for future publications as well as for Spring Quilt Market.  When the time arrives, I will share fuller pictures of those pieces of work, but for now I thought i’d share a little peek of those…

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